เมื่อการ์ดชุดแรก (The Witchwood) ออกในปีนี้ ภาคเสริมทั้งสาม คือ Whispers of the Old Gods (WOTOG), the One Night in Karazhan adventure (ONIK), Mean Streets of Gadgetzan (MSOG) จะหลุดออกจากโหมด Standard  ส่งผลให้การ์ดดังต่อไปนี้ไม่สามารถเล่นได้ในโหมด Standard 

Druid Cards

  • WOTOG -- Forbidden Ancient; Mark of Y'Shaarj; Addled Grizzly; Feral Rage; Fandral Staghelm; Klaxxi Amber-Weaver; Mire Keeper; Arakkoa; Wisps of the Old Golds
  • ONIK -- Enchanted Raven; Menagerie Warden; Moonglade Portal
  • MSOG -- Jade Idol; Mark of the Lotus; Celestial Dreamer; Jade Blossom; Pilfered Power; Lunar Visions; Virmen Sensei; Jade Behemoth; Kun, the Forgotten King

Hunter Cards

  • WOTOG -- Fiery Bat; On the Hunt; Carrion Grub; Forlorn Stalker; Infest; Infested Wolf; Princess Huhuran; Giant Sand Worm; Call of the Wild
  • ONIK -- Cat Trick; Kindly Grandmother; Cloaked Huntress
  • MSOG -- Alley Cat; Smuggler's Crate; Hidden Cache; Trogg Beastrager; Rat Pack; Shaky Zipgunner; Dispatch Kodo; Knuckles; Piranha Launcher

Mage Cards

  • WOTOG -- Forbidden Flame; Cult Sorceror; Shatter; Twilight Flamecaller; Demented Frostcaller; Cabalist's Tome; Servant of Yogg-Saron; Faceless Summoner; Anomalus
  • ONIK -- Babbling Book; Medivh's Valet; Firelands Portal
  • MSOG -- Freezing Potion; Kabal Lackey; Manic Soulcaster; Potion of Polymorph; Volcanic Potion; Cryomancer; Kabal Crystal Runner; Greater Arcane Missiles; Inkmaster Solia

Paladin Cards

  • WOTOG -- Forbidden Healing; Divine Strength; Selfless Hero; Vilefin Inquisitor; A Light in the Darkness; Steward of Darkshire; Stand Against Darkness; Ragnaros, Lightlord
  • ONIK -- Nightbane Templar; Silvermoon Portal; Ivory Knight
  • MSOG -- Getaway Kodo; Grimscale Chum; Meanstreet Marshall; Smuggler's Run; Grimestreet Outfitter; Small-Time Recruits; Wickerflame Burnbristle; Grimestreet Enforcer; Grimestreet Protector

Priest Cards

  • WOTOG -- Forbidden Shaping; Embrace the Shadow; Hooded Acolyte; Shadow Word Horror; Shifting Shade; Darkshire Alchemist; Power Word Tentacles; Twilight Darkmender; Herald Volazj
  • ONIK -- Purify; Priest of the Feast; Onyx Bishop
  • MSOG -- Pint-Size Potion; Potion of Madness; Mana Geode; Kabal Talonpriest; Greater Healing Potion; Drakonid Operative; Kabal Songstealer; Raza the Chained; Dragonfire Potion

Rogue Cards

  • WOTOG -- Bladed Cultist; Journey Below; Undercity Huckster; Shadow Strike; Southsea Squidface; Xaril, Poisoned Mind; Shadowcaster; Thistle Tea; Blade of C'Thun
  • ONIK -- Swashburglar; Deadly Fork; Ethereal Peddler
  • MSOG -- Counterfeit Coin; Gadgetzan Ferryman; Jade Shuriken; Jade Swarmer; Shadow Rager; Shaku, the Collector; Shadow Sensei; Lotus Assassin; Luckydo Buccaneer

Shaman Cards

  • WOTOG -- Evolve; Primal Fusion; Eternal Sentinel; Stormcrack; Flamewreathed Faceless; Master of Evolution; Hallazeal the Ascended; Hammer of Twilight; Thing from Below
  • ONIK -- Maelstrom Portal; Spirit Claws; Wicked Witchdoctor
  • MSOG -- Finders Keepers; Devolve; Jade Claws; Call in the Finishers; Jade Lightning; Jinyu Waterspeaker; Lotus Illusionist; White Eyes; Jade Chieftain

Warlock Cards

  • WOTOG -- Forbidden Ritual; Possessed Villager; Darkshire Librarian; Renounce Darkness; Darkshire Councilman; Spreading Madness; Usher of Souls; Cho'Gall; DOOM!
  • ONIK -- Malchezaar's Imp; Silverware Golem; Kara Kazham!
  • MSOG -- Bloodfury Potion; Unlicensed Apothecary; Blastcrystal Potion; Crystalweaver; Seadevil Stinger; Felfire Potion; Kabal Trafficker; Abyssal Enforcer; Krul the Unshackled

Warrior Cards

  • WOTOG -- Blood to Ichor; NZoth's First Mate; Blood Warriors; Bloodsail Cultist; Ravaging Ghoul; Bloodhoof Brave; Tentacles for Arms; Ancient Shieldbearer; Malkorok
  • ONIK -- Protect the King; Fool's Bane; Ironforge Portal
  • MSOG -- I Know a Guy; Hobart Grapplehammer; Public Defender; Sleep with the Fishes; Stolen Goods; Grimestreet Pawnbroker; Brass Knuckles; Grimy Gadgeteer; Alley Armorsmith

Neutral Cards

    -- Legendaries: Shifter Zerus; Nat, the Darkfisher; Mukla, Tyrant of the Vale; Hogger, Doom of Elwynn; Twin Emperor Vek'lor; The Boogeymonster; Soggoth the Slitherer; C'Thun; Deathwing, Dragonlord; N'Zoth the Corrupted; Yogg-Saron, Hope's End; Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound
  • -- Epics: Cyclopian Horror; Faceless Shambler; Twilight Summoner; Crazed Worshipper; Darkspeaker; Validated Doomsayer; Ancient Harbinger; Scaled Nightmare; Blood of the Ancient One
  • -- Rares: Disciple of C'Thun; Silithid Swarmer; Blackwater Pirate; Eater of Secrets; Midnight Drake; Corrupted Healbot; Corrupted Seer; Skeram Cultist; Doomcaller
  • -- Commons: Tentacle of N'Zoth; Zealous Initiate; Beckoner of Evil; Bilefin Tidehunter; Duskboar; Twilight Geomancer; Twisted Worgen; Am'gam Rager; Spawn of N'Zoth; Squirming Tentacle; Twilight Elder; Aberrant Berserker; C'Thun's Chosen; Evolved Kobold; Infested Tauren; Polluted Hoarder; Cult Apothecary; Psych-o-Tron; Nerubian Prophet; Bog Creeper; Grotesque Dragonhawk; Eldritch Horror; Faceless Behemoth

  • ONIK
    -- Legendaries: Moroes; Barnes; Prince Malchezaar; The Curator; Medivh, the Guardian
  • -- Epic: Arcane Giant
  • -- Rares: Avian Watcher; Book Wyrm; Moat Lurker
  • -- Commons: Arcane Anomaly; Runic Egg; Netherspite Historian; Pompous Thespian; Pantry Spider; Violet Illusionist; Zoobot; Arcanosmith; Menagerie Magician

  • MSOG
    -- Legendaries: Patches the Pirate; Auctionmaster Beardo; Sergeant Sally; Genzo, the Shark; Kazakus; Finja, the Flying Star; Aya Blackpaw; Madam Goya; Wrathion; Don Han'Cho; Mayor Noggenfogger
  • -- Epics: Weasel Tunner; Dirty Rat; Blubber Baron; Fel Orc Soulfiend; Burgly Bully; Defias Cleaner; Fight Promoter; Leatherclad Hogleader; Wind-up Burglebot
  • -- Rares: Small-Time Buccaneer; Grimestreet Informant; Kabal Courier; Backroom Bouncer; Bomb Squad; Dopplegangster; Lotus Agents; Second-Rate Bruiser; Spiked Hogrider
  • -- Commons: Mistress of Mixtures; Blowgill Sniper; Friendly Bartender; Gadgetzan Socialite; Backstreet Leper; Grimestreet Smuggler; Hired Gun; Street Trickster; Toxic Sewer Ooze; Daring Reporter; Hozen Healer; Jade Spirit; Kabal Chemist; Kooky Chemist; Naga Corsair; Tanaris Hogchopper; Worgen Greaser; Grook Fu Master; Red Mana Wyrm; Streetwise Investigator; Ancient of Blossoms; Big-Time Racketeer

by AintEverLucky